If not, I’m amongst the destructors of our own Abode
I’ll let you know I’m not a feminist
It was the environment around which made me persuaded
Impossible it was because Everything I create
was not without effort
Could I never stop thinking though
A cause was there for this very birth
Couldn’t remain complaisant to man made destiny
Have been enjoying the fruits of which I couldn’t sow though
I did know the taste of co-existence in a society
So thus unable just remaining as spectators
To the inflictions persisting around
Kept me vigil to the root cause on how
they had fallen to false encounters
I couldn’t help but comparing to our dumb sentient beings around
Legislators are there besides our human parents as guardians.
Also visualized the monarchism through history
King’s might with desire and impulse unrestrained
Who could stop the tortures created by a King to his subjects?
As for me I am the generation of democracy
I am the sample of human equality
Who adopts the rights and responsibilities to democracy
I am the nature of resistance to inhuman acts
Which reminds the legislators of their roles
That leaders are not meant to control people but guide with empathy
Leaders don’t have to gender base nor to
Base on his or her own belief system
Guiding followers from dark to light thorns to smooth are leaders
Who rekindles the volence of Earth I ask
Power hungry leaders evilly irresponsible
to fuel world killing instincts and hatred of others beliefs
And do I myself take the risk
Of being the responsible citizen to peace keeping for Mother Earth?
If not, I’m amongst the destructors of our own Abode.

Irom Sharmila

Irom Sharmila hails from the North East of India, Manipur, who had been kept alive through nasal force feeding for 15 years without drinking a single drop of water on demand of repealing a draconian law (the AFSPA which empowers license to kill, torture and raping innocents) from the soil of Indian democracy. She gave up her fast on 9th August 2016 so that she can change my tactics of protest by using the electoral politics and contested the election but unfortunately, was defeated badly. Her tactics of fight against injustice has now changed to lobbying local leaders of this nation of nations taking up different social problems. As a lover of Nature Earth she has appointed herself as one of the peacekeepers of the world by sensitizing the root causes of the unending bloodshed.