Well, Soi is back with good news again, this time we are inaugurating our Website, www.soicreativewomen.org, to reach out to you all with more ease and more spirit. Let us stand tall and strong when things are looking grey.

Thank you, dear friends of Soi, for staying with us for sixteen long and happy (sometimes hard and sad too) years of togetherness and creativity. Let us hope this will give you all an idea of what Soi is, and what Soi dreams of becoming. An open space for all creative women to express and exchange our ideas, to suggest and create new fields of productive togetherness. We started out with "Women Writers of West Bengal", and later on included all creative women. We have spread out our wings all over the country, stretching out beyond the national boundary. Soi considers herself a citizen of the world. A hearty welcome to all, come, check our website, and join us.

To begin with, we are offering a few articles which are related to the ideas of Soi, selected from the works of our Soi friends within the country and abroad in the 'Featured Posts' section.

We are launching our blog, Blogblogom, along with our website which you are all welcome to enjoy. For a start we are offering relevant social problems as topics for discussion on Blogblogom. You are free to write your comments either in Bangla, or in English. Let us remember, this is our own space for the free expression of thoughts and feelings, well knit in clear language. You are welcome to suggest new topics for future discussions on Blogblogom.

Warmest greetings from Soi,

Yours as always,

Nabaneeta Dev Sen
President, SOI
Women Writers' Association of West Bengal