Rape is not news anymore. What's​ news is the unprecedented brutality of it. And precedents keep being broken.

Riots don't confuse us, we have been apprehending them. We just get mixed up with simultaneous news of hushed up riots and false rumours of riots.

Newspapers, television channels and web media are competing to serve us the most shocking news. In talk shows, it is difficult to understand what the topic is - whatever it is, the simultaneous clamouring of the specialists produce the same incomprehensible din.

And in the midst of it all, one kid after the other takes up the blue whale challenge, because we are too busy watching the great Indian television serials where each fictional household boasts of at  least a few notorious murderers and we wouldn't notice unless someone actually jumps off a roof. Even that might not be enough tomorrow.Many of us could be connecting with this rant. Many of us are sharing similar thoughts with those around us.

We know it is a rotten world and we can criticize it. 

But someone else does not make the world for us to live in. It is our world too. 

And we must do something to change it. 

As authors (and non-authors) we have words. And we believe that words have immense power. If you feel that you have something to  say - a little warm story to share that would sooth our feverish disbelief of what we have become, that would nurture the good that is still around us, do write to us.

We still believe in goodness. If you do too, we are looking forward to hearing​ from you.