Event Reports

The first session of Soi-mela Boi-mela 2018 was themed on “Creative Women against Violence”, which was also the primary focus of this year’s Soi-mela Boi-mela 2018. This session was moderated by Antara Dev Sen and had such respected and prominent speakers as Mrinal Pande, Kamla Bhasin,Irom Sharmila and Anita Agnihotri.

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Lighting of the inaugural lamp

Day 1, 6th January, 2018

The theme of Soi-mela Boi-mela 2018 was 'Creative Women Against Violence' . Worried by the dismal atmosphere of hatred and violence all around, the theme was a natural choice for the annual meet of Soi.
The event started with a warm welcome speech by the President, Nabaneeta Dev Sen. The eminent guests this year were Kamla Bhasin,social scientist ,human rights activist, writer; Mrinal Pande, ex-editor, writer; and Irom Sharmila Chanu, human rights activist, popularly known as the iron lady of Manipur. The President welcomed them with the yellow roses of friendship.

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The theme for Soimela 2017 was 'Bhumikanya': A Festival of Folk and Tribal Women's Literature and Culture. Organised on 23rd and 24th April, 2017, Soimela 2017 remained witness to vivid creative explorations of eminent women writers, poets, singers and theatre activists from around the country.

Boimelate Soimela was organised at the International Kolkata Book Fair,2017 on 31st January, 2017

The mother-daughter duo, Nabaneeta Dev Sen and Nandana Sen was in conversation with Samantak Das at the Kolkata Literary Meet, 2017, about their joint project...

Soi celebrated the 79th birthday of her Founder President Nabaneeta Dev on 14th January, 2017 among the presence of luminaries and a book release.

Soi was present at the Kolkata Literary Meet 2017 at the Western Quadrangle of Victoria Memorial. The session titled 'Sita's Echoes' took the audience through a rereading of the Ramayana...

SOI is happy to tell you about the grand inauguration of its website, www.soicreativewomen.org, and Soi Blog which took place on Wednesday, November 30, 2016, at Vivekananda Hall, Jadavpur  University on the occasion of the 16th birthday of Soi .The programme was supported by  the Womens Studies Department, J.U.