Sita's Echoes :Soi at the Kolkata Literary Meet 2017


On 27th January 2017, Soi was present at the Kolkata Literary Meet 2017 at the Western Quadrangle of Victoria Memorial. The session titled 'Sita's Echoes' took the audience through a rereading of the Ramayana as seen through Sita's eyes. Nabaneeta Dev Sen,  along with Kannada author Vaidehi and Telugu author Volga read excerpts from their stories that take cue from the Ramayana but present the narrative from a woman's /Sita's point of view. The speakers discussed how even until date, women are  going through the same loops of trials, and the concepts of discipline and punishment propagated by patriarchy since the dawn of civilisation . 

The interactive session was moderated by Anuttama Banerjee.