29th January was a great weather day by Kolkata standards. At the Victoria Memorial campus, bathed in warmly tinged light under a fairy-tale pink and yellow canopy, we had the pleasure of witnessing the mother-daughter duo: Nabaneeta Dev Sen and Nandana Sen in conversation with Samantak Das. The cosiness that generally surrounds Nabaneeta Dev Sen was easily transmitted to the audience who lost themselves in the hour-long adda.  Nabaneeta Dev Sen's poetry and Nandana's translations (from the recently published bilingual anthology 'Make Up Your Mind') were read out. The two sweetly enacted from another of Nandana's books 'Not Yet'. Nandana Sen's tribute to her mother (from 'Make Up Your Mind') stole our hearts. Conversations about Radharani Devi and about how the gift of the word runs in the family intrigued us. After a little question-answer session with the authors, the audience proceeded towards Nandana's book signing and eventually left, possibly wishing that there were more than sixty minutes in that hour!