• Soi-mela Boi-mela 2018

 It is reunion time again at our Soi-mela Boi-mela 2018. Please come and join us over the first week end of 2018, January 6th and 7th, from 3-00 p.m. to 8-45 p.m. at Sisir Mancha. Worried by the dismal atmosphere of hatred and violence all around, we have chosen as our theme this year, ‘Creative Women Against Violence’. Three gorgeous and powerful personalities, known all over the country for their merit, Irom Sharmila, Mrinal Pande and Kamla Bhasin are coming as our Guests of Honour to share their hearts and experiences with us. They will also most kindly read their stories, poems and sing their own lyrics for us. As always, Sahitya Akademi is extending their thorough support.

The second day starts with a session to celebrate the works of Bani Ray, an especially talented and currently neglected Bengali writer. We shall have a seminar on her works and readings from her texts to reintroduce Bani Ray to the new generations.

There will be debates, discussions, plays, poetry readings on different aspects of the theme of the year.

We are also organising our Women's Book Fair, Soi-mela Boi-mela, with books authored and magazines edited by women at Gaganendra Shilpa Pradarshashala. This is looked after by the Publishers' and Booksellers' Guild. Along with it, as part of our theme, we have ‘Swayam’ with us, presenting their fabulous art work, ‘Voices From The Dark’, with 216 abused women pouring their hearts out on 216 dopattas.

See you at Soi-mela Boi-mela 2018.

Event Reports

Soi-mela Boi-mela 2018
Creative Women Against Violence: A Discussion
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